Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines!

13 06 2012

Be sure to check prssa.org for PRSSA Scholarships. Friday, June 15th is the deadline for five of them so be sure to apply soon.




Interning is vital for your success…

5 04 2012

UM graduate, Valerie Guerra, came to speak with UMPRSSA members about how to make the most of your internships so that they land you with the job you want. She began by saying that internships are an instrumental part to attaining a job after graduation- whether or not is with the company that you interned for. Get noticed. Valerie advised PR students to go above and beyond to stand out in an internship and work on building relationships within the company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and show confidence by asking for more projects than you are given.

As a student, Valerie landed an internship with Max Borges Agency, a consumer technology focused PR firm, and now works there as a full time employee. She encourages other PRSSA members to apply for the internship program since there is a high likelihood of getting hired after graduation for them too. They are always looking for highly motivated interns to assist with pr and marketing activities such as press release writing, media pitching, and guerilla marketing.

If interested, send your cover letter and resume to interns@maxborgesagency.com.


Paint Me Miami Competition

21 02 2012

 Miami Arts & Entertainment Council




Medium:  oil, pastel,  acrylics, water colors, mixed media.

Maximum size 30”X40”. No minimum

Deadline for Submission:  March 30, 2012

Entry Fee: $20.00 per entry. Maximum three entries per artist.

Jurors:  Master Painters: 

                David Chang,  

                Julio Larraz,

                Cesar Santos

Winners will be announced during the exhibition and cocktail reception April 26, 2011. More than 15 winners will bring their selected work framed and ready for exhibition.

First Prize:       $2,500.00 plus award certificate

Second Prize:  $1,000.00 plus award certificate

Third Prize:      $    500.00 plus award certificate

Award Certificates for 12 finalists.

Separate category for participants under 17 (no entry fee required)Winner will receive $500.00 in a gift certificate plus award certificate.


                                                  GET INSPIRED BY THE MAGIC CITY!


                                                 AND TO EXHIBIT YOUR WORK !

Visit their website http://www.paintmemiami.com for entry form and detailed requirements

or contact Mercedes Lopez Cisneros,  Miami Arts & Entertainment Council, 305-812-3027

10 Tips to Prepare for a PR Career

24 01 2012

1. Read the News. It is so important to be able to have a conversation about what is going on in the world. Not only as a PR professional but also in order to have a casual conversation with a co-worker or future employer.

2. Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. You have to act like a professional if you want to be treated like one. Make it known that you are ready for whatever comes your way and that you can handle moving up the corporate ladder. This is particularly important when meeting someone for the first time- your appearance is their first judgement.

3. Be familiar with different personality types. PR is about connecting with people- you have to be able to think outside the box and realize that not everyone does things the same way you do it. Learn about the people you are dealing with and how they understand and respond to information, know how to read people.

4.  Understand mission statements. Before going on a job interview you should know almost everything there is to know about that company, and most important their mission statement. If their mission statement is unclear or does not match your personal mission statement, it is not the place for you.

5. Be flexible. In the beginning of your career, especially in this economy, you have to be willing to make changes in your routine. You might not always work the hours you are expecting or doing the job you were planning but in the end you are helping someone out somewhere along the way and it will be returned to you at a later time.

6. Keep it personal. Try to get to know the people you are working with, you don’t always have to talk about business. People will appreciate if you take the time to get to the know that outside of the work place. Also, keep in touch after internships. You may not want to work their again but you never know who you might want a recommendation from.

7. Safe questions. Most interviewers at the end of an interview will ask if you have any questions. Though you might not have any, it is better to have something ready to ask. A safe question is asking the interviewer about himself such as, “What do you like most about your job?” or “How did you get started?”. Everyone’s favorite conversation is about themselves and it also makes your conversation with them more personal.

8. Always arrive early. Everybody has heard that first impressions mean everything. Whether it is an interview or just getting to work, it is important to arrive early. When you are first starting out it shows that you are reliable and dedicated to being there if you are there a little early. If you are going to be late for an interview, you are better off rescheduling so that you have a fresh start rather than going through with the interview when the interviewer may be annoyed.

9. Thank you’s. After an interview it is important to thank them for their time. If you can do this again in a hand-written note it is an even greater gesture that increases your likelihood of being remembered.

10. Keep a positive attitude. Negative energy is highly contagious. People appreciate those who can accept constructive criticism, admit their mistakes, and see the good in all situations.

UM PRSSA 2011 Slideshow

8 12 2011

President Shalala LOVED our tutus!

8 12 2011

PRSSA found a phenomenal fundraising item this semester that made big bucks and also supported the University: orange and green tutus. The tutus were obviously popular with the female students but even boys were rocking them on their heads. Additionally, we had a celebrity purchase to be proud of, President Shalala. While tabling in the UC breezeway, Sebastian posed for a picture with the tutus and President Shalala couldn’t resist buying the adorable item. The tutus were an in-kind donation from the creators of Tutu Spirit. In addition to selling them in the breezeway, the tutus went fast at football tailgates.

Show Your Hurricane Spirit!

17 10 2011

Get your TuTu this Thursday in the UC Breezeway from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Only $13 to show your hurricane spirit!