Interning is vital for your success…

5 04 2012

UM graduate, Valerie Guerra, came to speak with UMPRSSA members about how to make the most of your internships so that they land you with the job you want. She began by saying that internships are an instrumental part to attaining a job after graduation- whether or not is with the company that you interned for. Get noticed. Valerie advised PR students to go above and beyond to stand out in an internship and work on building relationships within the company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and show confidence by asking for more projects than you are given.

As a student, Valerie landed an internship with Max Borges Agency, a consumer technology focused PR firm, and now works there as a full time employee. She encourages other PRSSA members to apply for the internship program since there is a high likelihood of getting hired after graduation for them too. They are always looking for highly motivated interns to assist with pr and marketing activities such as press release writing, media pitching, and guerilla marketing.

If interested, send your cover letter and resume to





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